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The pushbutton allows the user to start a 3D scan by the push of a button, similar to how a real portable camera works.  I wasnt able to access the beagleboards user button with software, so I used a simple SPST switch and wired one side to GND and the other to GPIO 139.  I […]

Installing your camera module and ENV.txt

Posted: 26th February 2012 by hackengineer in Computer Vision
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Setting up the Leopardboard 365 VGA Camera board is pretty straight forward.  Connect it to the beagleboards camera header.  Edit the UENV.TXT file with the following line.  If it does not exist create it in /media/mmcblk0p1/UENV.TXT camera=lbcmvga We also need to build a jig to mount the lens to the camera.  Since the lens uses a magnetism to adhere a metal washer will […]

The easiest way I found to get openCV up and running on the beagleboard was to build an image from scatch using the narcissus tool.  It works and it works really well in just a few steps. Select Beagleboard Select the Packages you want OpenCV – Libraries will be readily available to include in your […]

As part of my MEE program at Rice University I decided to take a Computer vision course that was centered largely around a course project.  I told the professor that I didnt want my project to be tied up with wires at some workstation, rather a completely mobile embedded system.  It added more work for me but […]