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Matlab provides a great environment to work with images and therefore a great place to develop the Structured Light Algorithm.  The beagle board was used to project the structured light images and capture the resulting scene.  These images were then loaded into matlab providing data needed to develop the algorithm.  Working with Hana Wang and […]

The source code is posted on google code.  You can download it straight from the interwebs with beagleboard.  Download the folder, run the Makefile, run ./slGPIO.cpp, and push the button to start scanning!  Once completed if the program finds a usbdrive it will save the point cloud there.  If not it will be saved in […]

Structured Light vs Microsoft Kinect

Posted: 26th February 2012 by hackengineer in Computer Vision
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So why use Structured light?  Turns out there is a tradeoff between depth resolution vs refresh rate.  Structured light can provide lots of depth detail (dependent on camera/project resolution) but doesn’t work well with fast moving scenes.  Kinect, on the other hand, provides decent depth maps and can handle dynamic scenes.  So if you want […]

As part of my MEE program at Rice University I decided to take a Computer vision course that was centered largely around a course project.  I told the professor that I didnt want my project to be tied up with wires at some workstation, rather a completely mobile embedded system.  It added more work for me but […]